Forum Box is closed temporarily for now

Gallery Forum Box is closed from Wed 18th March for now due to Covid-19, we apologise for the situation!

Gallery Forum Box closes its doors for now starting from Wednesday 18 March due to the extreme situation with covid-19 we are in at the moment. We want to act in a responsible way and think that these measures have to be taken in order to keep our staff and visitors safe.

Mikko Niemistö and workgroup’s exhibition Astral Projections ended already on Tuesday. Maija Tammi’s and Charles Quevillon’s exhibition Immortal’s Birthday will unfortunately be cancelled as well as Nina Lassila’s exhibition Plant in Mediabox.

We are following the situation and acting according government’s guidelines. Gallery staff will continue working from home and can be reached normally from Monday till Friday via phone/e-mail.  We will inform about reopening the gallery in our social media channels and website.

Iina Koski
Executive Director

050 548 7604

Kamilla Billiers
Exhibition and Sales Coordinator

050 313 9075