Mediabox’ works of art have been chosen for the year ahead!

The Following Artists Will Show Their Work in Mediabox in 2020:

Nina Lassila, Rita Jokiranta, Jarkko Räsänen, Risto-Pekka Blom, Benjamin Orlow, Seppo Renvall, Anna Nykyri ja Alisa Javits.

The works of art have been selected by Pro Artibus’ Director Nina Toppila.

This year in Mediabox starts on the 27th of March with Nina Lassila’s Verket (Laitos, The Plant).

Mediabox is a space for media art located in gallery Forum Box. The space is offered and the annual programme is planned as a collaboration between Forum Box and AV-arkki. In collaboration with AV-arkki we curate a programme of a selection of the newest media-art. Mediabox operates as one of the main channels for media-art. Read more about the collaboration of AV-arkki and Forum Box  here.