Open Call

for Exbibitions 2022 at Forum Box

Due to COVID-19 pandemic Forum Box’ open call 2022 is postponed. We will inform you about the new schedule in June. Thank you for your patience and stay tuned!


OPEN CALL 2021 (closed)

Gallery Forum Box’s call for 2021 exhibitions is now closed. We thank all applicants for their interest!

All the applicants will be informed of the results during August 2019. The proposals won’t be returned, unless you have included a self-addressed stamped envelope or unless you pick your proposal up from the gallery. The proposals must be fetched from the gallery by the end of October 2019.

The next Open Call for the year 2022 will take place in late spring 2020. We will inform about the Open Call 2022 on this April our website and social media.


The applying options:
the entire gallery space (300 sq meters) for a solo or a group exhibition, project-specific exhibition or performances
one of the three gallery spaces for a solo exhibition, project or performance.

The gallery space is divided into three different exhibition rooms. The space called ‘Permanto’ is on the right side when entering the gallery, ‘Monttu’ is on the left side and the space in the back is called ‘Parvi’. Please see the floor plan for more information. When applying for one of the spaces please use the correct name – Permanto, Monttu or Parvi. Please note that there might be three different exhibitions at the same time if you apply only for one of the spaces. The other exhibitions may include for example pieces with sound.

Permanto: This room has three solid walls. The room is approx. 65 sq metres and 6 metres high.

Monttu: is also 6 metres high and the size is about 70 sq metres. This space has stairs leading to the third room, ‘Parvi’.

Parvi: In this space the ceiling is lower and room height is approx. 4,5 metres. ‘Parvi’ is the largest space, 90 sq metres and has a variety of wall space available.


The standard exhibition time, including mounting and dismantling, is four weeks. For the year 2021 you can also apply for shorter periods of one or two weeks. The shorter slots are also total times including mounting, dismantling and the exhibiting time.


4 weeks exhibition time

12 weeks exhibition or project time

Other types of time requirements are also considered on a case-by-case basis

Other space and time preferences are welcomed and considered on a case-by-case basis. The basis for pricing is an hourly rate for multidisciplinary groups.

When applying for the whole space for 4 weeks the selected party will have the whole gallery space for their use excluding the Mediabox. In addition to the previously mentioned gallery spaces there is a small space called Mediabox located at the gallery. The programme for this space is curated by Forum Box in cooperation with AV-arkki. There might be some other programme and art in the façade and proximity of the gallery during any exhibition.

The program for Mediabox is curated by AV-arkki in collaboration with Forum Box. During the exhibitions there might be other program and artworks within the veneer of the gallery.  During solo exhibitions there won’t be any other exhibitions or projects, only Forum Box’s multidisciplinary evening program and discussion events. The Exhibition Committee will curate the one space exhibitions and projects for a fitting combination.


Forum Box aims to gradually lower the exhibition rent and the first reductions will be in use from the year 2020.

RENTS FOR THE GALLERY SPACE 2021 (incl. tax 24 %):

4 weeks: 2 250 € whole gallery / 850 € one of the three gallery spaces (‘Permanto’, ‘Monttu’ or ‘Parvi’)

2 weeks: 1 400 € whole gallery / 700 € one of the three gallery spaces (‘Permanto’, ‘Monttu’ or ‘Parvi’)

1 week: 1 000 € whole gallery / 500 € one of the three gallery spaces (‘Permanto’, ‘Monttu’ or ‘Parvi’)

The exhibition rent for the gallery space at Forum Box includes marketing communications, customer service for the exhibition and sales. The rent doesn’t include insurance of artworks, transportations nor catering for the opening. Forum Box withholds 40 % provision from the sales (+ tax 24 %).


Artists / curators / artistic groups can apply for an exhibition period at Forum Box with an open exhibition proposal. The deadline for exhibition proposals is on 19th of May 2019. If the application is hand delivered to the gallery, it must be at the gallery by 4 pm on the 19th of May 2019. We will not review late applications.

Please send your Exhibition Proposal package to:

PL 316
00181 Helsinki

The envelope should be titled as “OPEN CALL 2021”.

Please notice that the gallery is closed on Mondays and there is no letterbox. The exhibition proposals can be delivered to the gallery during the opening hours –  on weekdays Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from noon till 5 pm, on Wednesdays from noon till 8 pm, and on weekends from noon till 4 pm.


The exhibition proposal should be delivered as a portfolio in a folder with your name on top.

  • Application form, printed and filled (application form -pdf can be found at the end of this page).
  • Exhibition plan (max 2 x A4) including information of the applied exhibition time, use of the space, the possible theme(s) of the exhibition or project and pieces to be exhibited. Please mention in the application any special arrangements, such as plans to darken the space or if there will be works with sound on display.
  • CV of the artist / artist group / curator.
  • Portfolio including approx. 10 images of the recent artwork(s) or projects in colour prints.

You can add images / video in your application using an usb stick. Make sure that the files are in commonly used file formats, such as jpg / jpeg / png and add a note to inform how to open the material. Please also note that you still have to provide the colour prints.
We do not review application sent via email!


The new strategy of Forum Box is used for the exhibition selection. The aim of our strategy is to improve artists’ possibilities and to create a versatile and high quality exhibitions programme.

The annually rotating Exhibition Committee with the executive director of Forum Box is responsible for the diversity of the exhibition programme. The team may choose exhibition proposals outside of the open call. However the open call is still the core of the yearly exhibition programme. The chosen artists are provided with more support from Forum Box through the planning period of the exhibition if they wish that.

Forum Box wishes to improve the financial status of artists’. The Board of Forum Box decided in spring 2019 to reduce the exhibition rents 50 % starting from the year 2020. Any new changes will always be notified in Forum Box’s communications and personally to the chosen artists.

All the applicants will be informed of the results during August 2019. The proposals won’t be returned, unless you have included a self-addressed stamped envelope or unless you pick your proposal from the gallery. The proposals must be fetched from the gallery by the end of October 2019.

Exhibition Commitee 2021: Juha-Heikki Tihinen, Kaisaleena Halinen, Ilari Hautamäki and Antti Oikarinen.

Exhibition space – plan.pdf

Application form 2021 (FI, ENG, SVE).pdf