Forum Box members in Bærum Kunsthall’s jury

The Open Call for Bærum Kunsthall this year is a collaboration with Forum Box in Helsinki. The jury for 2023 is Antti Oikarinen, Riikka Puronen and Vesa-Pekka Rannikko from Forum Box and Oda Broch is leading the jury for BK.

This is the third year of Bærum Kunsthall’s Nordic look at curating. The BK jury for 2021 was Kling & Bang from Iceland and the BK program for 2022 was juried by A Kassen from Denmark. Now it’s time for a Finnish jury and Bærum Kunsthall is happy to announce the collaboration with Forum Box, one of Finlands eldest artist-run venues.

The international perspective on curating is innovating and fair. Jurying happens on different terms when the curators do not already know the artists and their story. Mixing up the backgrounds of the jury members ensures a fresh look at the Norwegian and Nordic art scene. A fair amount of the applications to Bærum Kunsthall’s open call arrive from outside of Norway and inviting various Nordic jury members makes us sure that Norway-based artists are juried fairly on equal terms as their international colleagues.

Application deadline is Monday April 25th! More info about applying can be found here.