16.9. — 16.11.2021

Benjamin Phillips Nozdrachev:
104 x Surface Conditions / Refuge – Circadian Rhythm = .. ON GALLERY’S FACADE

Benjamin Phillips Nozdrachev’s exhibition, 104 x surface conditions / refuge – circadian rhythm = .. , is a combination of relocated ideas of land art and scavenged objects from a small forest.

The new Anti-Painting works are a continuation of an ongoing series based on an idea of isolation on a desolate planet. Within the search for refuge, the construction of functionality becomes reconsidered. Found material bearing marks of the elements that read like untranslated contemporary hieroglyphs  are used to form a new aesthetic for basic architecture.

Benjamin Phillips Nozdrachev (b.1982) is an Australian autodidact artist based in Joutsa, Finland. His work is multidisciplinary and mainly influenced by the destructive and constructive forces of nature and our place and influence within it. Phillips Nozdrachev has exhibited internationally with works in both private and public collections.