Pia Lindy, Martine Viale, Jessica Fairfax Hirst, Eliu Almonte, Siiri Haarla:
The Air We Share 2.0

Amidst all the terrifying things happening in the world, The Air We Share 2.0 is call to come together to share the most humane of human actions: experimental live art. In this event artists from various fields come together to present their work and collaborate with each other. It will be an experiment in creating live art forms oscillating between individual and collective actions. During the evening event five artists from the fields of performance art, dance, music, poetry, visual arts will present their works.


Pia Lindy (FI), dancer
Martine Viale (FRA/CAN), performance artist
Jessica Fairfax Hirst (DOM/USA), performance and visual artist
Eliu Almonte (DOM), performance and visual artist
Siiri Haarla (FI), visual artist


The doors open at 19:30.

The show starts at 20:00 and ends around 21:30.

The entrance is free of charge.


The organizing team members are visual artist Kamila Śladowska, dancer Giorgio Convertito, performance artists Liina Kuittinen and Willem Wilhelmus. The team is varied in gender, age and nationality, but they all share the commitment to make experimental live arts as challenging and accessible as possible to the cultural scene in Helsinki.