8.9. — 20.9.2023

Markku Arantila:
Guffa and Gnuffa (2023)

  • Photo: Anna Autio.

Guffa and Gnuffa (2023)

The great tricksters Guffa and Gnuffa perform an exquisite trick to the amazement of everyone passing by the gallery Forum Box. Guffa and Gnuffa are brothers or sisters or unrelated with each other, or they are not really even alive and existing, but only characters invented by the artist, existing in two paintings that are displayed on the outer wall of the Forum Box.


UPDATE: Arantila’s facade work was unfortunately shorter-lived as planned since Guffa and Gnuffa did not make it through a strong Autumn storm. The work was on view until September 19, 2023.


Markku Arantila (b. 1960, Espoo)


Forum Box has been bringing art outside the gallery space since 2020 as part of Forum Box’s renewed exhibition policy. The aim is to present one or more works/sets of works on the gallery facade every year. In this way, art reaches its audience around the clock, and is accessible to everyone at a low threshold.