Lecture and Coffee with Anthrozoologist Jes Hooper & Harrie Liveart

Harrie Liveart warmly invites you to an in-person discussion over a freshly brewed cup of coffee with Anthrozoologist Jes Hooper (University of Exeter, UK) from 1:00 pm onwards.


Jes Hooper and Harrie Liveart’s collaboration has resulted in one of the major bodies of work presented in Harrie Livearts solo exhibition at the so-called Human Coffee Room. The investigation brings forth the ethical dilemmas associated with the phenomenon of civet coffee, a coffee produced through the digestive tract of civets, often referred to as the world’s most exclusive coffee product.


They will offer you an insight into how our collaboration began, what it involved, and how they came to explore an embodied perspective of animal mechanisation that led to the production of 80 g of human digested coffee.


Conversation will be in English.

After the lecture we will iniate the auction of the work Coffee H. Liveart (2019–2022).