15.10. — 7.11.2021

Antti Oikarinen & Jenni Eskola:

”We began working on the exhibition thinking that in both of our work and its background there is a type of similarity, and on the other hand differences too, that could result in a fruitful exploration in a form of a joint exhibition.

There is a certain type of similar conceptual undertone present in both of our practice. Additionally, meanings born out of different types of material solutions are important to the both of us. Our artistic thinking is united by a type of absurdity combined with moving around the borderlines of relevance and irrelevance.

Planning the exhibition we didn’t want to guide our working by setting a common denominator. Our exhibition is based on the assumption that bringing our works into a shared physical space, something interesting might happen. We wanted to follow, with curiosity, where this simple premise would take us.

In the making of the exhibition, there is an element of pondering on what ways a work can exist. We will exhibit paintings or works that look like paintings, which neither of us think of as primarily or only as paintings”

Antti Oikarinen’s works are at the same time both paintings and sculptures. They look like paintings and their material is acrylic paint. However, the works are made by casting and essentially three-dimensional objects.

Jenni Eskola’s works can be viewed as momentarily colour-studies. The painting material is made from plants and flowers, and it reacts easily with light. The paintings will slowly change their appearance and loose or have already lost their colour.

The exhibition is supported by The Finnish Cultural Foundation and Arts Promotion Finland.