11.12.2020 — 3.1.2021

Alisa Javits:
The Wave

HD, 09:39 min, 2019

The Wave is a work about intuition and yet undefined powers people have in them besides those we know with our reason. It is about letting go the control we try to have over everything and trusting the intuitive feeling which helps us navigate in life. One cannot control the future things which are not visible or cannot be estimated. Though, when being afraid of moving towards that unseen, one ends up repeating the same patterns of thinking and acting. But if trusting the inner intuition, that unconscious wave, one could get closer to personal freedom and understanding of self and the others.

The Wave is a second part of the short film Pour toi / For You.

You can watch the work in Vimeo until 3rd of January 2021!

Valérie Pitre
Linda Côté
Sofia Pyy
Josiane Roberge
Dany Massicotte
Charlotte Bourgeade
Florian Boutin-Delignières
Amandine Triguel

Francis M. Gri, KrysaliSound – B/ue

Supported by
The Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike)
Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec
Finnish Artists’ Studio Foundation