18.10. — 10.11.2019

Elina Oikari:
Paris Diaries

Paris Diaries (2019, approx. 12 min) describes the time director spent in Paris 2013–2016. The film depicts a young and unsuccessful filmmaker trying to find a theme for her short film and ending up just recording the process. Paris Diaries talks about, among other things, the way of making and seeing art, and ponders if love is dead. As a shooting location Paris draws together many topics of the film in a spontaneous fashion that interweaves rough interviews and personal exploration. This hybrid of a documentary and essay film captures tangibly zeitgeist of the city.

Paris Diaries forms a middle part of Elina Oikari‘s super 8mm film -trilogy, which explores the relationship between human and environment through various temporal and local transitions. The first part of the trilogy, Govadas (2018), has been screened internationally at several festivals. The last part will be completed in 2020.