5.2. — 28.2.2021

Timo Andersson:

Timo Andersson’s exhibition Foreverial consists of a series of paintings from the past few years. In his works, Andersson prefers to use net-like materials, on which dense pictorial surfaces are enclosed within color-coordinated, soft polypropene frames.

These painting-objects are active and communicative agents in space. Their physical form is static and thorough. At the same time, the tensions on their surfaces constantly build shifting, temporary compositions, only to be instantly broken as the eye moves elsewhere.

Within these paintings, concepts related to painting – color surface, gesture, mass and texture – intermingle as poem-like networks of words, thickening in various places in various different ways, grappling and repelling. Occasionally they form thin, veil-like surfaces, occasionally they settle into thick, droopy layers of paint.

The faltering, reposed, slithering approximations of figuration fall on one another, struggle for the eyes’ attention, fight like a whirling mass in a comic strip, occasionally ending up in temporary compromises, shifting from figures within landscape to landscapes formed out of figures, ceaselessly, over and over again.

This exhibition has been supported by the Finnish Cultural Foundation.

Timo Andersson (b. 1989) is a Helsinki-based artist who has graduated from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts. Learn more about the artist.