5.2. — 28.2.2021

Reija Meriläinen:
Master Longclaws

Master Longclaws is a new video work by Reija Meriläinen that tells the story of an itch that needs scratching. In it, a shape- and nameshifting nail artist Misster Longclaus is looking for intimacy in all the wrong places.

Reija Meriläinen is a Helsinki-based artist whose work combines the digital and material. Meriläinen works with video, sculpture, installation, and video games. Their work has been shown in exhibitions in Finland and abroad, including the ARS17 exhibition in Kiasma museum in Helsinki and the Turku Biennial in 2018. In 2019, they were granted the AVEK media arts award.

The work has been supported by the Kone Foundation.

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