29.3. — 21.4.2019

Petteri Cederberg:
Average uniqueness

If all the people of the world be put together and from that made an average human, what would that human be? Would it be happy, sad, extrovert, introvert or what? The average of the physical attributes, for example: age, height, weight, wealth, can be mathematically calculated. How about less concrete attributes such as personality, profession, hobbies, moods etc? Could this average human even exist? Every human is unique (at least in their own mind) and at the same time everyone is, whether one wants it or not, connected and similar to others. The works on this exhibition contemplates this average uniqueness.

The exhibition consists of two animations and one installation. The animations is made frame by frame using stop motion technique. Every frame of the animation is hand drawn to paper or board. The artist has made the soundtrack by recording and manipulating different everyday sounds that surrounds him, for example his children’s speech.

The installation consists of rotating searchlight and paintings made on paper. Paintings are made with ink and fluorescent paint that glows in the dark.

Petteri Cederberg (b.1976) works with drawing, painting and animation and is situated in Helsinki. He graduated with masters degree in painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in 2011. Cederberg’s works are in several museums’, foundations’ and private collections.