28.9. — 21.10.2018

Kimmo Schroderus:

  • Double-Minded, 2018

  • Solvaaja, 2016

  • Tuulinen päivä, 2018

  • The Four-Legged, 2017

Sculptor Kimmo Schroderus’ solo show at Forum Box presents works from the years 2016-2018. The exhibition consists of various sculptures and a video showing the making of them. The exhibition is characterised by craftsmanship, an interest in materials and the sculptor’s love-hate relationship with his profession.

Kimmo Schroderus’ most important tools in the current exhibition are the transparency of the works, the richness of forms and twisting them, the fascination with glossiness and the reflectiveness of the surfaces. When interpreting his works, Schroderus trusts the viewer’s own associations and imagination. The works portray exactly what the viewer thinks they portray, the artist says.

The sculptures are made mainly out of stainless and acid-proof steel. The shinier the work, the dirtier the sculptor’s clothes are in the fast-paced video “Repeat”, shot in Kimmo’s studio between 2016-2018.

Kimmo Schroderus is known, among other things, for being awarded the Ars Fennica prize in 2004. His latest and widely recognised public work was the famous Finnish rock band Eppu Normaali themed sculpture titled “Alamökki” (i.e. the “lower hut”, the band’s nickname for their studio), revealed in August 2018. A comment by a spectator at the revealing of the work nicely encapsulates Schroderus’ goals in sculpting: “First, when I looked at the work I thought it’s very strange. Then I viewed it from another angle and saw how amazing it actually was. Absolutely brilliant!”


Thank you: Arts Promotion Centre Finland