30.6. — 23.7.2023

Aiko Tsukahara:
Scope of Modernity

  • Exhibition rendering: Aiko Tsukahara

Be rational; make progress; keep evolving; categorise everything; seek identity; function as a system. The legacy of (Western) modernism maintains order in the modernised society.

What about the aesthetic values in contemporary, modernised life? In the beginning of the 20th century, art and architecture entered into a new relationship with common focus on ‘everyday life’. This modernisation of visual culture transformed everyday life into a new aesthetic world. In other words, the intervention of art and architecture in everyday life has made us to live in defined standards of beauty.

Scope of Modernity is Tsukahara’s ongoing project. It revisions the movements of art and architecture in the era of modernisation, with emphasis on how their visual languages have shaped our life today and why they will continue to do so. The works in the exhibition reflect the artist’s thoughts on the scope of modernity, which once aimed to cover the realms of singularity and universality.


Aiko Tsukahara (b. 1980) is an artist based in Helsinki. She graduated from Kyoto City University of Arts in 2006 with MFA. Tsukahara’s primary interest is in form and structure of architectural matter when they are viewed with specific aspects. By combining sense of scale, reason for material, and reference to the existing artefacts, she attempts to visualise contexts in the built world we live in.