15.10. — 7.11.2021

Nina-Maria Oförsagd:
Arrangement non-existent

Arrangement non-existent is a short movie made during the covid-19 pandemic within a social distance concept.

How time is now, in motion, at place, experienced.

As an improvised performance, two characters, in a selected location, get a connection through movement, and their movement grows to a larger pattern together with sound, poetry and words.

Nina-Maria Oförsagd (FI) found this visual material filmed in Taipei in her archives during lockdown in Helsinki spring 2020. Together as a cross-art working group isolated from each other, the material developed further and revealed something about time in relation to ourselves.

Words written, read and recorded individually by Mauritz Tistelö (SE) in Gothenburg and Hsinyen Wei in Taipei. The music was recorded individually through improvisation while looking at the video piece at home in Helsinki by each group member of Barlast (FI). All the different elements that have been made alone are joined together in the piece.

Arrangement non-existent
HD, 16:9, stereo surround

Director, cinematography, editing: Nina-Maria Oförsagd
Performance, poetry, voice: Mauritz Tistelö
Performance, poetry voice: Hsinyen Wei
Music by Barlast: Philip Holm, double bass; Heikki Hänninen, guitars; Minna Koskenlahti, percussion and flute; Sanna Salonen, soprano saxophone and mänkeri
Music directing, mixing, mastering: Philip Holm

Thank You Arts Promotion Center Finland.

Nina-Maria Oförsagd makes experimental films, videos and live cinema containing sound, music, poetry, and performance. She works multidisciplinarily in collaboration with different artists. Oförsagd observes her surroundings looking for places with different character and historical layers to create a story. The method is improvisation – reaction at site in collaboration with the actor, performance artist. Oförsagd has exhibited and created her works in Europe and Asia. She received Finnish Art Society William Thuring prize 2019 and Stina Krooks Stiftelse Art Prize 2017.