2.4. — 25.4.2021

Benjamin Orlow:

Benjamin Orlow – A Spring bright Evening


Rise strong, you song, rise strong, you song, rise strong, you song
From manly lungs!
Fly high, fly high, oh tone
Fly high, oh tone
Of steel and ore!
Thors thunder is your voice
It explodes, explodes
It explodes, with golden wings, onwards!
Out of daily strife.
Rise sun, rise sun, rise sun
away with the darkened sky
and draw, oh song, oh song

A SPRING BRIGHT EVENING consists of music, video and animation.

Benjamin Orlow (b. 1984)  is a Finnish artist living and working in London. His works often deal with identity and its relation to our environment and history. Orlow’s works have been displayed in London, Glasgow, Paris, Vienna, São Paulo, Los Angeles, Stockholm and Chongqing.

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