26.4. — 19.5.2019

Emilia Ukkonen:
Journey Back in Time

Past Life Regression Therapy is rooted in a belief in reincarnation, and based on the idea that people can deal with the emotional and psychological problems they experience by using hypnosis to gain access to the experiences and traumas of past lives.

It is believed that these unresolved issues in past existences carry-over into their present lives and contribute to the unhappiness and discomfort they feel. By becoming aware of who they were, what they did and what happened to them in these past lives they can gain insight into themselves in the present and use that knowledge to help them overcome the pain, problems and confusion that trouble them.

Journey Back in Time was filmed between New York and New Jersey in the United States and Helsinki and Turku in Finland.

This is Emilia Ukkonen’s second exhibition in Forum Box.



Emilia Ukkonen has studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki and at the Royal Institute of Arts in Stockholm. She currently lives and works in Helsinki.  She uses moving image as her main tool, but is equally comfortable working with other mediums. Ukkonen’s work has been exhibited both in Finland and abroad e.g. Film Festival Rotterdam, Helsinki Short Film Festival, Kunsthalle Helsinki, Design Museum Helsinki, Helsinki City Art Museum’s Kluuvi gallery, Kunsti Modern Art Museum in Vaasa, Finland, Prague Triennale and Galerie Crèvecoeur in Paris. Ukkonen is the recipient of the Finnish Artist Association’s Palokärki Prize.