10.2. — 5.3.2023

Pasi Autio:
Feel the Heat (2022)

  • Pasi Autio: Feel the Heat (2022)

Feel the Heat

Duration: 00:09:06 min
Aspect ratio: 16:9 4K
Sound: stereo

Feel the Heat describes a one-man disco in the forest at night: The lights flicker, the birds sing, the dance goes on, and time disappears. However, the party atmosphere and the night cannot last forever. As the morning dawns, the surrounding reality is revealed, the music quiets down, and the movement finally slows down to one image.

In his video work, Pasi Autio strives to evoke conflicting emotions by combining a compelling theme – the unequal interaction of humans with the entire ecosystem – with the entertaining and seductiveness of humor and music. It has been reported that bird populations have collapsed worldwide, and the importance of clear-cutting for the loss of nature is obvious.

The music of the work is rhythmic and psychedelic “chirp chirp” dance music made from the sounds of birds by Autio, for which the dancer and choreographer Saku Koistinen, who appears in the video work, has created the choreography.

Feel The Heat is part of Autio’s Lintudisco work concept, the first piece of which, the Lintudisco performance, could be experienced at the Helsinki Biennale in the summer of 2021. During 2023 Autio will release an art object in the form of an LP disc containing Lintudisco music.

Script, direction, cinematography, editing, sounds: Pasi Autio
Performer, choreography: Saku Koistinen
Vocals: Ive Riihimäki, Mia Hilosuo, Mirella Hautamäki
Sound effects: Yle Arkisto etc.
Lights: Pasi Autio, Saku Koistinen


Feel The Heat has been supported by Kone foundation.

Thanks: Yle Arkisto, Ive Riihimäki and Nota Bene Nokian choir members Mia Hilosuo and Mirella Hautamäki, Valofirma


Pasi Autio (b. 1974, Vaasa) is a media artist from Helsinki, whose works have been presented in numerous solo and group exhibitions since 2000.

Saku Koistinen (b. 1978, Heinävesi) is a dancer and choreographer who has been making his own choreographies since 2010 and has performed and toured with Teac Damsa (Michael Keegan-Dolan) and the Tero Saarinen Company.

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