26.10. — 18.11.2018

Anne Siirtola:

Anne Siirtola: Kudelma – Interweave (2018)



” When you reach my age you can look back and say, Oh boy I remember that, I saw that I heard that I was there” Roni 91v


Interweave is a video work where elderly people from Greenwich Village, New York share unforgettable memories and stories of their past. They encompass survival, immigration, the story about secret atomic city, miracles. Those valuable individual stories get lost so very easily, taking with them a piece of our common history that is so often repeating itself.


The work explores memory and remembering. What are the most essential memories that we choose to pass on to the next generation – What remains? Our hopes and fears, personal values and habits, are all influenced by the memories of our past. Each of us is also a stitch in a family chain and his era carrying the heritage in good and bad.


The time and mind is seaving, filtering and interweaving passed life and what remains are maybe those most remarkable memories, crystallising and showing the own personal way of looking and experiencing life – each one different and valuable.



Interweave is supported by: Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Oskar Öflund Foundation, AVEK and VISEK.

Camera & edit: Anne Siirtola, Sound: Pelle Venetjoki, Color: Veli Granö.



Anne Siirtola combines installation, moving image and sound in her work in order to explore interaction and encounters between people. The foundation of her work lies in the communal. Traces of change and dissolution that can be identified in both the human mind and in the physical matter are visible in Siirtola’s work. Her materials are often also reused, second-hand or discarded, cast-off. Her role as an artist is to act as mediator or catalyst: “Sometimes even minor participation can be very remarkable for somebody and can give you a sense of inclusion and success.” Her works have been presented in exhibitions, festivals and events abroad and in