15.11. — 8.12.2019

Marika Orenius

Black & White is an essayistic and personal video work. It is a reflection of ideology in spatial and social structures. In her workspace, the artist contemplates the possibility and ideology of influencing as an individual and as part of her artistic agency.

Black and white thinking produces extreme solutions – that is the main point in the video. The text spoken by a woman’s voice reflects on active and passive choices in life. Behind the scenes is a young activist ready to die for her idea. Historical reference assimilates the dangers of totalitarian extremism, passive acceptance, and chaotic communication at the present time.

The views from above reflect the relationship between power and the individual.

Can my thoughts be private or are they shaped by the environment and general perceptions? Even if the personal is seen as political, the lacking ideology in individual action has a political dimension. How ideological am I? What are the consequences of adapting to language, environment, communication, knowledge, tradition, biological heritage and social culture?

The work is a single channel video installation about 7 min, which is presented as a loop.

Working group
Mikko Mällinen (Editing), Niko Liinamaa (Sound design), Martin Dahlström Heuser (Composer), Jesper Toss (Camera), Marika Orenius (Director, manus, actor, camera)

Marjut Orenius (Graphic support), Emmi Huttunen (Language check),

Uniarts Helsinki / Centre for Artistic Research, Avek / Tuuli Penttinen-Lampisuo (Financial support)