28.3. — 21.4.2024

Antti Tanttu:
Noli Timere (2022)

Noli Timere is a work about the experience or emotion of fear and anxiety. What is common or private in those feelings and what do they have in common? The work contemplates on the collective fear and its elements.


Antti Tanttu (b. Malaga, Spain) lives in Espoo and works in Helsinki. Tanttu studied at the Academy of Fine Arts 1984-1989. In addition to his own artistic work, he has taught and continues to teach at several art institutions, such as Aalto University and the Academy of Fine Arts. In the years 2003-2009, he worked as a professor of graphic arts at the Academy of Fine Arts. Tanttu works with several different mediums, such as drawing, graphics, photography and film/video. The main focus is in mixed media and woodcut works as well as video works. In the works, layering is conceptually, content-wise and materially important. The central theme of the works is loneliness and its various manifestations. He does not describe or illustrate loneliness as such, but seeks the feeling of undivided loneliness. Tanttu explores vague sensations which are familiar and strange at the same time.


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