24.5. — 16.6.2024

Azar Saiyar:
Solar Book (2024)

Solar Book

Single-channel video
9 min 25 s

What gets lost and what remains, when a thing becomes a museum object? Many details have gone missing, but the artifacts of Satakunta Museum bear a strong presence of the waters running next to it: things that the river and the sea have carried, things that were born, that live and once lived, because of them and beside them.

Solar Book looks at these museum collection items, whose main job now is to record the past and survive time.

Some parts of the histories of these objects are transferable to us, but the void, the lacks in what we can and will remember, have become as integral elements of these items, than the histories they carry.

The soundscape by Kirsi Korhonen also hints towards these absences, with constructed sounds that try to remember, imagine and imitate the sounds that might have been there.

On view in Mediabox is the short film version of the work. Solar Book was originally exhibited in Case, Trace, Spirit – a joint exhibition of Pori Art Museum and Satakunta Museum.

Mediabox is Forum Box gallery’s space dedicated to media art. The program is created in collaboration with AV-arkki.

There are three steps to the media art space Mediabox, but the work is also available for viewing on a tablet by request. Please don’t hestitate to contact our staff if Mediabox is inaccessible for you.