5.1. — 27.1.2019

Teemu Korpela:

  • I Like It Here, 2018 Teemu Korpela, ph.Anna Autio

  • General view, Teemu Korpela, ph. Anna Autio

  • Begotten, 2018-2019 Teemu Korpela, close view, ph.Anna Autio

The starting point to my work is in the wondering how art can be used to bring different kinds of abstractions in to a tangible form.

I am especially interested about the forces that influence the way we perceive and experience the world and our existence in the world. These forces are often abstract in the sense, that we cant show or point where they are, but we can observe their nature from how they manifest themselves. And the way they manifest themselves for example, is in our relation towards nature,social norms, behaviour, the way we consume and what we consume. The reality of the world is too complicated or disgusting for us to bare it, and we need imaginary versions of the reality in order to get meaningfull acces in to it.Most of these imaginary matrixes that live in us come from outside. Sooner or later tough, the reality penetrates the imaginary veils between our mind and the real, and in this crisis we need to rearrange our relationship to the world in order to continue. At the moment we are living in this kind of situation globally and collectively.