2.2. — 25.2.2024

Kati Roover:
The Scent of the Changing Sea (2022)

Completion year: 2022
Digital video
Duration: 14:31 min
Stereo sound

Kati Roover‘s video work The Scent of the Changing Sea weaves together multi-sensory experiential information and scientific observations into a poetic reflection on the distant past and possible futures of the Baltic Sea. Roover uses both material used in the research of the Baltic Sea and new sound and image material she has recorded from the Turku archipelago, looking for information about both linear and cyclical thinking. The work thus captures the current historical moment, which requires not only new but also old ways of navigating towards an unknown future.


I acknowledge the earth’s long and rich evolution and the depth of (bio)diversity.
I thank indigenous peoples worldwide who, with constant determination and care, fight to preserve life.
I thank my own ancestors, humans and other species.
I thank everyone who has helped, shared, witnessed and supported my work.
Thank you Archipelago Sea Research Institute, Finnish Environment Agency, CAA Contemporary Art
Archipelago and Kone foundation.


Kati Roover (b. 1982) lives and works in Helsinki. Her works are often based on different ways of forming knowledge as well as the fleeting concept of a place in the midst of massive environmental changes. Roover’s interests include natural sciences, anthropology and documentary essay films. She mainly works with moving image, photography, sound, text and installations. Roover received her Master of Fine Arts degree from the Academy of Fine Arts (University of the Arts Helsinki) in 2016. She has taken part in various festivals, screenings and exhibitions in Finland and abroad since year 2007.

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