26.4. — 19.5.2024

David Muth
with music by Antti Tolvi:
Y-Division [ ]] (2023)

FIN/AT 2023 | 4K | COLOUR | STEREO | 07’30”

The piece “Y-Division [ ]]” features a composition by sound artist Antti Tolvi: iterations of a distinct melodic motif are being played at slightly different speeds, resulting in a composition both harmonically simple and rhythmically complex. The generative animation by David Muth echos the timing of the melody: minimal shapes assemble themselves in nested ways with each iteration of the motif.





David Muth is an artist, musician and programmer. Having grown up in Salzburg, Austria, he relocated to the UK to study at Middlesex University, where he received an MA in Digital Arts. His artistic practice combines conceptual and process driven approaches, informed by his background in architecture. He currently lives and works in Vienna, Turku and Salzburg.

Muth’s work has been exhibited, screened and performed internationally, notably at the Musée d’Art Contemporain (Montreal), the Kiasma Museum of Modern Art (Helsinki), Ars Electronica (Linz), Le Cube (Paris), Laboral (Gijón), the Museo Reina Sofía (Madrid), the Museum der Moderne (Salzburg), and Belvedere 21 (Vienna). Institutions he has taught at include Ravensbourne University London (2001-2007), the Royal College of Art (2005-2017) and Goldsmiths University of London (since 2007).