Equality in Forum Box

The Board of Cooperative Forum Box has approved an equality plan for Gallery Forum Box on August 25th 2020. The goal of the plan is to promote equality and non-discrimination within the cooperative and the gallery, in both internal and external activities.

All employers who frequently employ 30 or more people are obliged to have an equality and non-discrimination plan (Non-discrimination Act, 7 §). Being a small employer, Forum Box is not obliged by law to have this plan. The need for an equality plan has risen from our will to ensure the realisation of equality from the viewpoint of artists, members of the cooperative, our staff and visitors as well as our stakeholders.

Our equality plan is used for observing how equality and non-discrimination are being promoted in the following sections of our activities:

  • the accessibility of the gallery
  • an equal work community
  • recruiting
  • non-discrimination in our communication
  • non-discrimination in our member activities
  • equality and diversity in calls for entries and in the program of Forum Box


The goals of Forum Box’ equality plan in a nutshell

The accessibility of the galleryAll visitors are welcome to our exhibitions.

Improving the accessibility of the gallery physically, information-, communication- and attitude-wise.

An equal work communityA small work community enables non-hierarchy and open discussion.

We systematically collect feedback in order to improve our activities.

We have zero tolerance for harassment, discrimination and bullying.

RecruitingAll salaries are duty-based and they are not affected by gender or any other personal feature of the employee.
Non-discrimination in communicationAvoiding structures / terms / prefixes that promote inequality.

Guaranteeing the freedom of expression of the artist by not editing or censoring information materials.

Serving the non-Finnish-speaking stakeholders.

Non-discrimination in our member activitiesAll members are entitled to equal membership benefits.

All members have equal possibilities to participate in and affect on the activities of the cooperative.

There are no annual fees for the members of the cooperative.

Equality and diversity in our calls for entires and in the program of Forum BoxOur goal is to promote topical national and international, both established and young artists from all art forms without favoring any spesific group or individual.

For more information about our equality plan and developing its contents, please contact our Executive Director or Exhibition and Sales Coordinator.

In 2020, Forum Box joined Discrimination-free Zone campaign organised by The Ministry of Justice.