7.8. — 11.10.2020

Mika Helin’s art work Self-portait on Gallery’s facade!

As a part of Gallery Forum Box’ new exhibition policy we have decided to bring art also outside the gallery space. Our aim is to present an art work on our facade yearly, and thus make public art easily accessible to anyone around the clock.

The art work that starts our new project is galley’s-whole-facade-covering Self-portrait (2020) by sculptor Mika Helin.

Mika Helin – Self-portrait on Gallery Forum Box’ facade 7.8.–11.10.2020

The art work studies interior’s change into a public space and also the visual language of two advertisements that have been seen in the public space (Ikea‘s hot dog and Ingman‘s Ingmariini-spread). Through the art work, the artist aims to rebuild understanding of the visual culture of our environmet by using the visual elements of these two advertisements.

Artist’s childhood memories and his chilhood home’s visuality have been the starting point of this art work as well as Ikea’s and Ingman’s ads from 2019 that have been pretentiously visible in the local cityscape and other public spaces. The visual language of the two ads combines with the interior design of a Finnish home. Making the visual elements taken from the ads as an aestethic part of an art work, Helin hopes to be able to reveal something essential from a certain period of time.

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