7.8. — 30.8.2020

Rita Jokiranta:
In the Minds of Others: Fleeting Moments

HD video, 6:51 min, color, sound, loop
On a journey, fleeting moments pass behind a train’s dirty window – short stops at stations, passengers leaving the train, others waiting for other trains on other platforms. People who randomly shared some time traveling on the same train, disappear and remain as strangers, unknown even though they’d be there everyday.

To observe layers in seeing and the limits of the gaze, are crucial themes in the video work that also is dealing with questions of transience, the interpretation of reality in images and the incongruence of time and events. Fleeting Moments is an independent part of Jokiranta’s multichannel video installation In the Minds of Others, shown in Galleria Huuto in Helsinki 2018.

Rita Jokiranta is a visual artist who mainly works with moving image and photography.
In the recent years, she has made mostly experimental multichannel video installations. Her work has been shown in numerous solo and group shows, screening events, film festivals and other contemporary art exhibitions in Finland, the Nordic countries and widely elsewhere in Europe and in the U.S.