16.10. — 8.11.2020

Pekka Pitkänen:
Mieletön maailmankaikkeus

The universe, what is that? Indefinable, incomprehensible, absurd. It is something incredible that is difficult to grasp. In any event, it is a fascinating challenge for an artist. It can be imagined.

In his previous art works, Pekka Pitkänen has explored the following themes: human history and stories, pre-history on Earth, the Bronze Age, the Iron Age, Kalevala. Now his theme is the universe.

It is a huge theme, even for a sculptor who is celebrating his 50-year career as an artist.

The new works by Pekka Pitkänen are a universe of their own. Each spectator sees and experiences them in their own way. The work of art is looking at the spectator, says the artist. Black is everywhere, but in abundance of shades. All colours and light of the universe live in the gray scale of black. Even the materials, cast iron and carbon, are black.

Black is connected with timelessness, eternity. Endless space and emptiness, silence. Peace and quiet are the things Pitkänen is aiming for in his art.

Darkness without daylight. In the silence, one can sense the energy that keeps the universe together.

The universe is also a strong frame of reference in art and art history. In this exhibition, the artist is documenting his life and his works. At the centre of Pekka Pitkänen’s art is a concept that appeals to many a ponderer. Its time cannot be measured by clock beats.

Marja-Terttu Kivirinta

Artist Pekka Pitkänen’s video greetings here.