14.7. — 19.7.2020

Piirakkakerho: UNIPULLA

Joonas Hyvönen:

Piirakkakerho is having another gathering! Forum Box will be filled with mattresses, pillows and blankets as the Unipulla happening takes place. Unipulla will provide visitors with the possibility of slowing down in the middle of everyday life. The happening aims to shed light on the importance of sleep and rest. There will be nappping, but also porridge, coffee and different workshops.

Piirakkakerho (lit. Pie Club) is a 2006 founded artist collective that consists of changing group of female sculptors. Group’s straightforward aim is to combine being together and joy of life which can be done in the easiest way around baking and other communal actions. Piirakkakerho has been working in various kitchens and among sculpture-like pies loads of conversations and laughter has emerged. In Unipulla (“sleep bun”) exhibition Piirakkakerho is represented by artists Paula Tella, Sanna Pajunen, Eeva-Maija Priha, Anna Hyrkkänen and Liisa Hilasvuori.

Read more about the artist collective Piirakkakerho.


Tuesday 14.7. exhibition open from 9-17

9.00 morning porridge, bring your own bowl and spoon

13-14 guided nap

14.00 coffee break

wednesday 15.7. exhibition open from 12-20

13-14 guided nap

14.00 coffee break

17-19 workshop

Thursday 16.7 exhibition open from 12-19

13-14 guided nap

14-16 coffee break

18.00 sleepdate

Friday 17.7. exhibition open from 12-19

13-14 guided nap

14.00 coffee break

17-19 worry doll workshop

Saturday 18.7. exhibition open from 12-19

11.00 morning porridge, bring your own bowl and spoon

12-13 freestyle nap

13.00 coffee, auction

The exhibition has been supported by Uusimaa Regional Fund of  The Finnish Cultural Foundation, Recycling Centre of Capital Region and Fida Puotinharju.

Joonas Hyvönen – WET PLANET

Future visions often seem to divide either into dystopic end of the world scenarios or techological utopias. In Wet Planet group of youngsters live through a contradictory combination of these two possibilities in a world where rising seas have taken away traditional, safe environment but quickly developed technology has provided new kinds of possibilities. The exhibition focuses on imagining what kind of youth cultures this new world could made possible and what kind of stories are being told in there.

Joonas Hyvönen (b. 1990) lives and works in Helsinki. Joonas Hyvönen’s art concentrates on topics surrounding digital technology in relation to other contemporary phenomena, specifically focusing on the interaction between user and the user interface. Hyvönen holds a master’s degree in fine arts from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts and has had exhibitions in Finland and abroad.

Wet Planet is the result of a six month residency arranged by Kunstventures and Forum Box. The exhibition is supported by VISEK and The Finnish Cultural Foundation.

Read more about the artist.