5.3. — 28.3.2021

Jarkko Räsänen:

  • Jarkko Räsänen – Scan, 2019

Scan (2019) is an algorithmic study on the deep structures of photo files. The dreamlike animation, accompanied by meditative ambient music, is based on the artist’s own and collected images of open spaces. The information in each image is arranged into new permutations during the work according to algorithms developed by the artist.

Scan challenges the expectation of realism attached to photo files and invites the viewer to project their own visions on the screen – and on the other hand, just to relax and rest their eyes from the collective flood of images.


Jarkko Räsänen is a multimedia artist focused on photography, moving image and sound art. He has been making video works since 2005, initially as documentations of performative events. Since then, he has moved to computer-based and algorithmic visuals, appearing as a live vj, among other things, with his own software. Räsänen is a member of the moving image cooperative FixC. His works have been shown in numerous exhibitions mainly in Finland and Germany, such as the International Teletext Art Festival goes Ars Electronica, Anthology Archives in New York, the Papay Gyro Festival in Hong Kong and Orkney, and the Fundacio Joan Miro in Mallorca.