5.5. — 28.5.2023

Jukka Silokunnas:
Transporter (2020)

Transporter (2020)

1 min 9 sec
4k 16:9
edition 2/5

When we look at the clock, we are not really looking at the time. We are looking at a structure optimized for the human mind, which brings order and tells you where the sun is in relation to you. According to the second law of thermodynamics, the behavior of entropy informs the direction of time. The growth of entropy, i.e. disorder, has become the most important measure of time and a source of inspiration for me.

So time means movement. A movement that always goes forward. When time is a thing that never stops and cannot be touched, what is left of it?

My work is a personal journey to this invisible movement. My works aim to record and bring out the true nature of the time. To play with the impermanence of everything and the endless emptiness. However, emptiness is not the same as meaninglessness. Every action we take moves inexorably forward. They cause new reactions, events, and miraculous coincidences.


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