Guillaume Gargaud & Korvat Auki Ensemble:
Concert at Forum Box 19:00

  • Guillaume Gargaud

  • Korvat Auki Ensemble

Tickets: 10/5 €


Guillaume Gargaud is a composer and improvisational guitarist. He’s already participated about twenty albums and composed many musics for contemporary dance and movies. He has collaborated with ”Conserveries Mémorielles” (Quebec) Light Cone (Paris, experimental cinema), ”The Future Ethnic Comparative Research Lab” (Paris), S.Lascaux (Lecturer, University of Le Havre), ”Two Sequana (Contemporary Art,Paris) F.Barabino (Buenos Aires),Marc Edwards (NY), Ben Bennett (US) Jack Wright (US), Raymond Alan Kaczynski, Mike Majkowski,(Berlin), Zachary Darrup (US) and many more. He plays ”solo” in Europe and the United States. He lives in Le Havre in France where he also teaches music.




Korvat Auki Ensemble is a group performing improvised and experimental music. The ensemble was founded in Spring 2013 by members of Korvat auki (”Ears Open”), a Society of young Finland-based composers, striving to find a path towards an all-encompassing way of enacting one’s musicianship and exploration of limits beyond conventionality.


During its first years, the ensemble has performed in various environments including bars, galleries, a chapel, an old villa and the occupied university building Porthania. The ensemble has collaborated with stage poets, visual artists as well as with contact improvisation dancers.


In July 2014, the ensemble performed at the Time of Music Festival, Viitasaari, which is one of the leading contemporary music festivals of Finland. In August 2015, the ensemble made its debut at the Flow Festival which is the biggest urban pop and experimental music festival in Finland, giving an epic hour long non-stop improvisation show. In April 2016, Korvat Auki Ensemble made six flash mob -like sonic strikes called Julkea ääni (“Arrogant sound”) in public commercial spaces around Tampere City Center as a part of Tampere Biennale contemporary music festival. In October 2016 Korvat Auki Ensemble made its international debut in the Sügisfest new music festival in Tallinn, Estonia. In February 2017 the ensemble accompanied electronic music artist Jan St. Werner at the Musica Nova festival in Helsinki.


The repertoire of Korvat Auki Ensemble consists primarily of free and concept-based improvisations, but the ensemble has also performed open score and comprovisation pieces, a technique the ensemble members studied with Sandeep Bhagwati in July 2014.


The wind and string players, keyboardists, guitarists, object artists and vocalists perform with a line-up varying from duos to the whole collective of a dozen musicians. Beyond the ensemble, some members profile themselves primarily as composers, others as performing musicians. However, this traditional division of roles has no significance in the Korvat auki ensemble’s artistic practice. Artistic decision-making is collective and non-hierarchic. Coordinator Sebastian Dumitrescu is responsible of the administration of the ensemble.