else collective:

October 20 | 20:00–01:00 | Free entrance

Welcome to else collective’s first event ’noises’ at Forum Box on October 20. Noise acts as a metaphor and a method to reveal silenced issues and to challenge norms. It serves as a catalyst for resisting societal oppression and fostering freedom of self-expression. The event encourages coming together as a community, with inclusivity and solidarity as values to actively strive for. The night will feature various audiovisual performances in collaboration with local and international artists and designers.

8:00 Ville Laurinkoski x Ville Pölhö

8:20 Welcome speech

8:30 Justus Kantakoski x Grande Mahogany x Mush

9:30 Flora Bouteille

9:50 Lamb K305 x Linda Kokkonen

10:50 Iiris Kamari

11:20 Fulcrum Dust

11:50 Angel, Missy & Sabi from the Finnish Ballroom Scene

0:00 Laura MRLS

Supporters: Arts Promotion Centre Taike (Taiteen edistämiskeskus), Fat Lizard


else is an art collective that forms a temporal community, organizing events and bringing together practitioners of music, performance and design. else comprises seven people; Soko Hwang, Linda Lazarov, Aala Nyman, Ahmed Barakat, Laura Bestle Morales, Trang Chung, Pedro MacLoughlin – artists, curators, and designers based in Helsinki.