Nomads Festival 2023:
Global Interdisciplinary Improvisation Ensemble, Botero-Delgado duo & Friends

Nomads Festival 2023: Global Interdisciplinary Improvisation Ensemble, Botero-Delgado & Friends

October 8, 2023 | 18:30–20:30 | Free entrance

Join us for an unforgettable evening of improvised music as we close the Nomads Festival 2023. The Global Music Department from the Sibelius Academy, Interkult, and Forum Box Gallery have joined forces to bring you a one-of-a-kind musical experience.




The Global Interdisciplinary Improvisation Ensemble embraces students from the different programs at the Uniarts Helsinki, in order to develop skills for creating multidisciplinary performances in real time. For this occasion, the ensemble brings along a program full of sonic and performative experiences collected by the interaction of its members during an intensive course-laboratory period conducted by Sergio Castrillón. By merging together diverse artistic and cultural backgrounds, as well as different genres and levels of expertise, the ensemble displays a unique way of creating improvised pieces in different line-ups.


BoteroDelgado is a duo that explores the sonic possibilities of the double bass/voice. In addition to that, the duo dwells on the different relational possibilities of the performers. The duo mutates constantly and with it, the way of presenting; ranging from improvised concerts using conventional and extended techniques, songs with hints of traditional Latin American music, performative gestures and expanded theatricalities of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary nature. The duo started working in 2016 as a laboratory for improvised music, and the piece ”La Salvaje y La Sombra – Opera for double bass and voice” written by J. Delgado. In the same year the duo started the composition and creation of original songs based on poems by Fernando Pessoa and Latin American poets. The duet is currently working on the production of their second album, which is a compilation of original songs created by the members of the duet and commissions from Colombian composers. They are also working on the second part of ANATOMÍA DE LO INTANGIBLE, called CARTOGRAFÍA DE LO INEFABLE.


Ärnär Trio consists of Natalia Castrillón on harps, Sergio Castrillón on cellos and Gon Muruaga on guitars and electronics. Their music appears as the result of merging different creative processes in situ. While exploring deeply timbre and rhythm, and by using elements from diverse music traditions and genres, Ärnär sets in their performances an alternative approach to experimental music.


This itinerant-ever changing ensemble features a wide range of musicians and artists based in Finland, coming from diverse backgrounds and attending the courses of Laponia Improvisations a Helsinki based alternative music school that provides performance, improvisation and composition classes; the goal being in making their own music.


This event is supported by:
Global Music Department (SibA-Uniarts), Ministry of Culture of Colombia, Interkult, Forum Box Gallery.


Mark your calendars and join us for a journey through the world of improvisational music. See you there! 🎶🌍🎵

Picture by Fabulos Pires.