Forum Box Summer Camp for Ukrainian youth

Last week while the gallery was on summer break, Forum Box organized an art camp for Ukrainian children and youth at the Annantalo Art Centre. The camp was organized together with Ukrainian Community Centre, All Our Children NGO, and the City of Helsinki. Ukrainian artist Maria Lenova and Forum Box member artists facilitated art workshops for the participants, in which they, for example, created collages, painted still-lives with charcoal and watercolors, and fabricated figurines from silk clay. On the last day of the camp the participants got to visit Kunsthalle and Helsinki Art Museum (HAM).

Autumn 2022 exhibition program

Forum Box’s autumn 2022 program has been released! More detailed information about each exhibition will be updated to our website during autumn.



Siiri Haarla: iiris ≈ siiri (2022), oil on canvas 45 x 40 cm

The paintings in the exhibition iiris ≈ siiri pose questions about the facts of life. How a tree becomes a tree, how a flower becomes a flower? How and when did I become me? What does individuality or having a free will mean, when the development of our eyes and brains are dictated by our genes and affected constantly by our surroundings. We only see what our eyes are able to see. The world is filtered to us trough our eyes and bodies, which are shaped by the life lived. The emergence of a painting resembles humans’ orbicular being and traces of life materialize in them through a similar process.

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Siiri Haarla (b. 1986) is visual artist based in Helsinki and Berlin. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki (MFA) in 2011 and from University of Helsinki (BA) in the faculty of Comparative Literature in 2020.

At Mediabox Valter Tornberg’s audio essay In Medias Res.



Paavo Räbinä: Minä taistelen, koska se on ainut turvani (2022)

Paavo Räbinä’s exhibitions explore war, violence and struggle for power and the suffering they cause.

At Mediabox Milja Viita.



Elina Oikari, film still from an unfinished work (2022)

Yassine Khaled is a visual artist based in Helsinki. His work discussses digital communication, freedom of movement, and societal power relations.

Elina Oikari is a filmmaker based in Helsinki. She works with fiction, documentary and experimental film and also takes photographs.

At Mediabox Timo Bredenberg.



Päivikki Alaräihä explores the relationships between places, works of art and bodies through painting and installation.

Henna Aho plays in her work with features characteristic to painting and reflects the shape and materiality of painting.

Taru Happonen works in the expanded field of painting and examines in her work the environment and its organisms both from microscopically close and from the faraway cosmic perspective.

At Mediabox Leda Vaneva.



Lasse Juuti (b. 1990, Tampere) works in the large and all-encompassing scale, reflecting on the possibilities of painting and its relationship with body, space and daily life.

Emma Jääskeläinen (b. 1988 Espoo) makes sculptures using slow handcraft methods while contemplating on the meaning of touch and time. Jääskeläinen is the Young Artist of the year 2022.

At Mediabox Joonas Hyvönen.

Forum Box members in Bærum Kunsthall’s jury

The Open Call for Bærum Kunsthall this year is a collaboration with Forum Box in Helsinki. The jury for 2023 is Antti Oikarinen, Riikka Puronen and Vesa-Pekka Rannikko from Forum Box and Oda Broch is leading the jury for BK.

This is the third year of Bærum Kunsthall’s Nordic look at curating. The BK jury for 2021 was Kling & Bang from Iceland and the BK program for 2022 was juried by A Kassen from Denmark. Now it’s time for a Finnish jury and Bærum Kunsthall is happy to announce the collaboration with Forum Box, one of Finlands eldest artist-run venues.

The international perspective on curating is innovating and fair. Jurying happens on different terms when the curators do not already know the artists and their story. Mixing up the backgrounds of the jury members ensures a fresh look at the Norwegian and Nordic art scene. A fair amount of the applications to Bærum Kunsthall’s open call arrive from outside of Norway and inviting various Nordic jury members makes us sure that Norway-based artists are juried fairly on equal terms as their international colleagues.

Application deadline is Monday April 25th! More info about applying can be found here.

Spring 2022 Program

Forum Box’s spring 2022 program has now been released! Once again,  we proudly present an incredibly versatile range of contemporary art in the form of group and solo exhibitions.

Sampo ApajalahtiHanna Vihriälä
Mediabox: Liinu Grönlund & Okku Nuutilainen

Annette ArlanderJaakko KahilaniemiSaku Soukka
Mediabox: Annette Arlander

Hanne Ivars
Mediabox: Leena Lehti

RestlessmindsMuriel Kuoppala
Mediabox: Axel Straschnoy

Harrie Liveart
Mediabox: Kristoffer Ala-Ketola

Eveliina HämäläinenKim JotuniMilla-Kariina Oja
Mediabox: Flis Holland

Johanna Väisänen
Mediabox: Joel Karppanen



Press release 24 November 2021 6 p.m.  |  Olga and Vilho Linnamo Foundation and Forum Box cooperative

In collaboration with the Forum Box cooperative, Olga and Vilho Linnamo Foundation awards for the first time the Linnamo Prize, a new fine arts award worth 15 000 euros. The first prize is awarded to the Helsinki-based sculptor James Prevett (b.1977) in recognition of committed exploration in artistic practice. The award committee elaborates the selection as follows:

“The sculptor James Prevett’s art practice can be described as contemporary sculpture in a state of constant change. He embraces that which is going on around him and often the end result is something unpredictable and surprising. Instead of being limited to an embodied practice with materials, Prevett’s art combine elements of research and social action, focusing on situations, spaces and the people engaging in them. What resonates underneath all this is a profound fascination for the social significance of art, for that which is created by activating and engaging with one’s surroundings and its participants with a view to new and unfamiliar configurations of the everyday. By expanding both the spatial and the social reach of sculpture from the institutions of the art world towards the city space, the domestic realm, as well as the range of social media, James Prevett’s work has provided the field of contemporary sculpture in Finland with inspiring and invigorating new perspectives.”

James Prevett is a British artist living and working in Helsinki since 2013. He creates things to gather around – objects, events, text, video that are often combined as sculpture. Prevett is interested in sculpture as means to explore the limits of minds and bodies, both personal and communal.  His work draws on many influences from music to poetry to the histories of monuments. Prevett enjoys collaborating with other people, embracing the creativity and unpredictability that comes with making things together. He thinks everybody can and should ‘make’, and that this can bring unexpected beauty to the world.

Prevett has exhibited widely in the UK and internationally in countries such as Finland, Thailand, Singapore, USA, Austria and Brazil. He was part of a team of artists, musicians and architects selected to represent Great Britain at the Venice Biennale of Architecture 2006. His ongoing series Patsastellaan: Parties for Public Sculpture invites artists to make something new for an existing public sculpture in Helsinki. He is currently a Sculpture Lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki.


Further information:

Olga and Vilho Linnamo Foundation

Marko Karo

+358 50 547 1836

Member of the jury
Jani Ruscica

+358 40 708 5361


Forum Box Market online until the end of November

Forum Box Market online until the end of November

The annual sales exhibition includes works by Gallery Forum Box member artists, including sculptures, photographs, graphics, paintings and media art.

All available artworks are on display here! You may reserve works through the webstore, further instructions available on the site!

Works for sale e.g. by the following artists:
Sampo Apajalahti, Petteri Cederberg (second from the left in the picture), Petri Eskelinen, Kaisaleena Halinen, Mika Hytti, Anita Jensen, Kirsi Jokelainen, Kaisu Koivisto, Arto Korhonen, Raakel Kuukka, Johanna Lecklin, Tiina Elina Nurminen, Thomas Nyqvist (first from the right), Eeva Peura, Pekka Pitkänen, Riikka Puronen, Vesa-Pekka Rannikko (second from the right), Satu Rautiainen (third from the left), Teemu Saukkonen, Joakim Sederholm, Antti Tanttu (far left on the picture), Kain Tapper, Nora Tapper, Fanny Tavastila, Tommi Toija, Pauliina Turakka Purhonen, Samppa Törmälehto, Kristiina Uusitalo, Ilona Valkonen, Timo Wright, Magdalena Åberg.

For more information, contact:

Kersti Tainio
Forum Box Market -sales exhibition producer

044 298 7546

Autumn 2021 exhibtion program

The autumn program of Forum Box has been published! The new season is filled with versatile and high quality contemporary art by artists representing different art forms and generations.

The season opens with an international group exhibition, Companions, that is tied around London Feminist Library and combines art with activism. The year 2021 will close with Kaarlo Stauffer’s solo exhibition. In addition to the exhibitions in our main space, Mediabox is once again filled with contemporary media art, co-curated by AV-Arkki and Forum Box.



COMPANIONS Aug 20th – Sept 12th

Hanna Saarikoski / Kaija Hinkula / Minna Suoniemi Sept 17th – Oct 10th

Antti Oikarinen ja Jenni Eskola Oct 15th –Nov 7th

Christian Langenskiöld Nov 12th –Dec 5th

Kaarlo Stauffer Dec 10th –Jan 9th, 2022

In Mediabox:

Sasha Huber: The Firsts – Edmonia Lewis Aug 20th – Sept 12th
Aino Aksenja: Small town girl Sept 17th –Oct 10th
Nina-Maria Oförsagd: Arrangement non-existent Oct 15th – Nov 7th
Ewa Górzna & Katarzyna Miron: Surround (Working title) Nov 12th –Dec 5th
Jan Ijäs: Belgrade Forest Incident …and What Happened to Mr.K? Dec 10th – Jan 9th, 2022

Introducing our Artists: Kaisu Koivisto

Introducing our Artists is a new series for presenting the fantastic member artists of our cooperative that was founded over 25 years ago! There are now over a hundred members in the cooperative, representing several generations and genres of top-notch artists.

The first artist to be introduced is visual artist Kaisu Koivisto and her latest installation Siirrettävä monumentti.

At the heart of Kaisu Koivisto’s work are the special features of the northern landscape and changes in societies. The surprising combinations of subject and material are characteristic of Koivisto’s works, in which she reflects on the interfaces between nature, technology and culture. Kaisu Koivisto’s works have been exhibited e.g. in the following places : Kiasma (Helsinki), Aboa Vetus&Ars Nova -museum (Turku), Reina Sofia Museum (Madrid), PS 1 (New York), Estonian Art Museum Kumu (Tallinn), Tokyo Metropolitan Museum, Porin taidemuseo, Galleria Sculptor, Forum Box.

Kaisu Koivisto: Siirrettävä monumentti, 2021.

Kaisu Koivisto: Siirrettävä monumentti
Installation (textile, security fences), 2021.
250 x 450 cm

I follow the news of the world closely. Protest movements are demolishing monuments that are offensive from the perspective of our time. Some are protesting for democracy, others for other issues. The unifying factor is the security fences that restrict or attempt to restrict the movement of people. Siirrettävä monumentti (Movable Monument) is an idea of a peaceful monument that can be moved from one place to another. The textile part of the work folds softly over the structure I made of security fences into a tent-like shape.

Five proposals selected to the second stage of Art for the Port!

The first stage of the art competition Taidetta Jätkälle – Art for the Port has ended. We want to warmly thank all the participants!

We received 93 proposals, and the jury selected 5 of them to the second stage. The participants who were selected to the second stage have been informed personally. The winners of the competition will be published on Forum Box’s website at the latest in August 2021.

Read more about Taidetta Jätkälle competition

Important information about Taidetta Jätkälle competition!

The address for submitting proposals has changed. Please see the competition plan.

The open competition Taidetta Jätkälle (“Art for the port”) in two parts seeks a public artwork for the port area in Jätkäsaari, Helsinki. The competition started on 28 August 2020 and ends on 4 June 2021. The aim of the competition is to find a site-specific artwork that reflects the identity of Jätkäsaari.

Read more about the competition.

Art for the Port – FAQ now published

The first questions and answers concerning the Taidetta Jätkälle – Art for the Port public art competition have now been published. We are still open for more questions!

See the Questions and Answers as well as general information concerning the competition here.

The first phase of the competition started 28 August 2020 and it will last until 20 January 2021. The participants must ask their questions concerning the first phase by 15 November 2020 via email to the contact person of the competition: Virpi Näsänen, virpi.nasanen[at] The questions will be answered on Art for the Port -page of Forum Box’ website as soon as possible, however, no later than 1 December 2020.

Forum Box’s equality plan

Forum Box is an artist-driven actor that values freedom of the arts, communality and diversity. We strive to develop our activities so that they would meet our values even better, and thus observe the impact of our activities on our society.

One tool for measuring the observations on our activities is our equality plan that was approved in August 2020 by the Board of Cooperative Forum Box. The goal of the plan is to monitor and promote the realisation of equality in both internal and external activities of the cooperative and the gallery.

The plan is used for monitoring how equality is being promoted in the following sections in our activities:

  • accessibility of the gallery
  • an equal work community
  • recruiting
  • non-discrimination in communication
  • non-discrimination in our membership activities
  • equality and diversity in our calls for entries and in the Forum Box program

Read more about our equality plan and its goals here.

Forum Box joined The Ministry of Justice’s Discrimination-free Zone campaign in August 2020.

Forum Box’ artists in Iceland!

Elämän vesi / Lífsins vatn / Water of Life

At Kling & Bang -gallery, Reykjavik opens up the exhibition Elämän vesi / Lífsins vatn / Water of Life, produced in collaboration with Forum Box. The artists in the show are Hermanni Saarinen, Ilona Valkonen, Kristiina Uusitalo, Petteri Cederberg and Vesa-Pekka Rannikko. The exhibition is curated by Juha-Heikki Tihinen and it is open from January 25th to February 29th, 2020.

Juha-Heikki Tihinen: Water of Life

The Water of Life exhibition presents works of five contemporary Finnish artists. They are Petteri Cederberg, Vesa-Pekka Rannikko, Hermanni Saarinen, Kristiina Uusitalo and Ilona Valkonen. The name of the exhibition, Water of Life (Aqua vitae), can refer to different things: e.g. the Book of Revelation, the fairytale of Brothers Grimm, distilled spirit and the Fountain of Youth. It can be mystical and spiritual, or very matter of fact and mundane. The choice of approach is yours.

The exhibition is a continuation of the co-operation between Forum Box and Kling & Bang. In 2016 the Pro Artibus Foundation organised an exhibition called By Water in Finland and exhibited works of 14 Icelandic artists. One of the venues were Forum Box. Forum Box is an artist driven gallery space and an artistic collective which has been active from 1996. The very idea of Forum Box is to create a forum for all arts and artists.

The exhibition shows the diversity of Forum Box artists and also the variations on how to treat the exhibition theme. The artists treat the theme in various ways which make clear how Water of Life can be seen from sublime or from carnivalesque perspectives. This diversity creates a parallel to the Forum Box activity which combines artistic practice with ordinary tasks.

Petteri Cederberg (b. 1976) works with different mediums, paintings, drawings, animations and installations. His piece in the exhibition is Median life and / or death (2019). The piece is a good example of Cederberg’s oeuvre. His works are dream-like or some kind of apparitions. He mixes both geometrical and organic forms which start out as abstract but turn into figurative. Cederberg turns animation into an uncanny, but at the same time humorous experience.

Vesa-Pekka Rannikko’s (b. 1968) Fall (2020) is about the contact between human and nature, and between the sacred and profane. The work is a drawn animation which is projected on paper, which hangs on an installation structure. Fall outlines the transit area of the narrative, open up a no man’s land between words and drawings and the content they represent. Rannikko works with installations and sculptures which create associations to nature, materiality, society and human experience.

Hermanni Saarinen (b. 1979) creates sculptural installations which can combine readymades or be made of wood. His installations create a sense of wonder by the unusual combinations of materials and forms. In a way he creates a piece of art in the form of scenography, which turns the exhibition place into a presentation. Simultaneously, presentation and representation initiate a dialogue.

Kristiina Uusitalo (b. 1959) has been active in the Finnish art scene from the early 1980’s. Her paintings are quite often related to experiences in nature. Her concern of plastic pollution in our seas has become a part of her work and has created a series of painting which can be related to the micro flakes but also to light and the sublime. In her works, she shows how painting can refer to aesthetics, ethics and politics, and comment on both todays environmental crisis and have art historical references.

Ilona Valkonen (b. 1980) is a Finnish visual artist who works in both traditional and experimental ways. She has been exhibiting paintings but is most well-known for a performance piece called Vieno Motors. In Vieno Motors the participating artists turn the audience into living sculptures by dressing them in flowers and other materials, subsequently turning them into human flower bouquets. In Water of Life Valkonen exhibits an installation version of her performance. The performance is carried out during the opening of the exhibition.

Juha-Heikki Tihinen works as a curator at the Pro Artibus Foundation. He is a PhD in art history from the University of Helsinki (2008). Tihinen has been working as a curator, critic, researcher, teacher and writer from the late 1990s.

Land Beyond the Sea 25th of January to 5th of  April, 2020

The exhibition Land Beyond the Sea is on view at The Nordic House in Reykjavik January 25th to April 5th, 2020. The exhibition is produced by the Pro Artibus Foundation and is curated by the foundations curator Juha-Heikki Tihinen. The group exhibition features five Finnish artists: Erik Creutziger, Marjo Levlin, Carl Sebastian Lindberg, Susanna Majuri and Pauliina Turakka Purhonen.

Read more about the exhibition here.

It follows up By Water – Icelandic Artists on the Shores of Finland, an earlier exhibition presenting the work of Icelandic contemporary artists held in Helsinki and Tammisaari in 2016.

Mediabox’ works of art have been chosen for the year ahead!

The Following Artists Will Show Their Work in Mediabox in 2020:

Nina Lassila, Rita Jokiranta, Jarkko Räsänen, Risto-Pekka Blom, Benjamin Orlow, Seppo Renvall, Anna Nykyri ja Alisa Javits.

The works of art have been selected by Pro Artibus’ Director Nina Toppila.

This year in Mediabox starts on the 27th of March with Nina Lassila’s Verket (Laitos, The Plant).

Mediabox is a space for media art located in gallery Forum Box. The space is offered and the annual programme is planned as a collaboration between Forum Box and AV-arkki. In collaboration with AV-arkki we curate a programme of a selection of the newest media-art. Mediabox operates as one of the main channels for media-art. Read more about the collaboration of AV-arkki and Forum Box  here.